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  For an organism to produce energy for its functioning, it is necessary to consume energy that exists previously stored. For this energy to be stored, there must be energy available for this purpose, thus causing organic wear and consequent aging.

This process occurs for all living species although some species have a lower degree of aging that induces scientists to investigate in anti-aging research to find out how this fact can be applied to human species.

In order for energy to be produced, there must be 2 main components: glycose from food and oxygen from atmospheric air.

Glucose and oxygen are found in the mitochondria to start the energy distribution process so that all necessary chemical reactions can take place.

  This process alone leads to aging which is aggravated by the consumption of inappropriate food and the quality of the atmospheric air breathed.

Food as well as atmospheric air leads to an accumulation of protons inside the mitochondria, making it difficult or preventing the distribution of energy to the entire organism, although these same protons are responsible for the motrix force that drives the movement of energy throughout the body.

Protons and their intracellular and intramitochondrial accumulation are the real cause of aging and disease.

The real cause of cell aging and the strategy for its approach is the main reason for the content of this website.

Hydrogen atoms are always found in a food and are ionized when ingested (transformed into positively charged ions) and once they are dissolved in water within the organism they lose their electron and become proton donors that are received by molecules of other substances if they are available.

A substance, for example, capable of generating an acidic state in the bloodstream will supply many protons that must be captured by proton receptor substances if these substances are available.


The scientific explanations are explained in the book The Mitochondria in a didactic way so that the reader can be the conductor of his own healing process.



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