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Use “start” button to see the full features and at the full page: DOWNLOAD: or strip it off, and even seriously contemplate it as a punishment option. I also doubt that they’ll consider a test that could potentially kill them completely, but the State does have authority to do such a test. If you’ve read law, you know that the State can put a person on a 48-hour suicide watch. If you’ve watched Law & Order or been exposed to a lot of TV, you’ve probably seen this in action. Such a “watch” is really a 24-hour observation, often one during which the person under observation is actively encouraged to commit suicide, but rarely are such watches actually utilized by the courts. I could see this being a really valid form of punishment, if someone had actually tried to commit suicide and was convicted of it. But I highly doubt the person would be put on such a watch.I’ve never been in the situation of having to consider the decisions of the state, so I can’t speak from personal experience. But I can speak to what my state has published about their understanding of their authority to do such a thing. It’s not easy to follow the links to the full text of the law (as I did for this answer) because the state provides a copy of the relevant part online for free, but this is what I found:WV Code § 50-1A-1 et seq.Facilities committed by court to State Hospital.—(a) As used in this section, “facility committed by court to the State Hospital” means a facility designed for the evaluation, treatment, and care of the mentally ill and mentally retarded committed to the State Hospital by the court.(b) When a court commits a person to the State Hospital for a mental examination, the court may also commit the person to the custody of the State Hospital until the person is released or dismissed. The court may order the person to remain under the court’s supervision as to treatment and care 08929e5ed8

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