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This is a website aimed at curing diseases, regardless of their etiology. Guidance based on conventional and traditional medicine of proven effectiveness in solving health problems is provided, as well as guidance on finding trained professionals to solve each problem presented.


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About the technical manager:


Emerson D Mussi MD


Emerson D Mussi is a physician trained in clinical medicine at the Universidade Federal Fluminense in 1978. He served as a medical resident for two years and also attended a master's degree in gastroenterological surgery for another two years. He worked on the federal government's family health program. His interest in curing illnesses without causing side effects led him to seek knowledge in the fields of Ayurvedic medicine and macrobiotic medicine, Tibetan medicine and others less known with Nishi medicine. His interest in the study of mitochondria began after reading books that referred to food as a way to bring energy to keep the organism alive, found in the literature of macrobiotic medicine where he learned about the concept of medicinal food. In the intention of transferring traditional knowledge to scientific knowledge with the possibility of understanding by most people, it was Dr. Emerson who wrote this book believing that after reading it, the reader will have a new view of health-related problems.

The knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine is contained in the Vedas (Holy Scriptures). Ayurvéda uses various dietary guidelines, massages as well as herbal medicines, guidance on daily routine and meditation for the treatment and cure of all diseases. Originally Ayurvéda addresses the materialization of life and is not only a practice for taking care of individual health, although it also has this function.

Mitochondria are related to the production of energy for the cell, a process known as cellular respiration. In these structures some stages of this important process take place, which guarantees the production of energy storage molecules responsible for the function of the whole organism.





First, a brief explanation of how nutrition through breathing and exercise:


1-Every food when ingested turns into a glucose molecule (sugar)


2-All the oxygen in the breathed air will meet the glucose molecules in the mitochondria.


3-The reaction between the molecules from food and oxygen, coming from respiration, in the mitochondria, will produce energy to move all the chemical reactions that will move the body.


4-Depending on the quality of the food we eat, it can cause acidity to the body.


5-This acidity is caused by the provision of protons (H +) through food.


6-Protons will migrate around cells, into the intracellular environment and finally into the mitochondria.


7-Within the mitochondria, protons will influence the energy production capacity, thus initiating a disease process.


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